London Wedding Inspiration For a Perfect Day
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London Wedding Inspiration For a Perfect Day

We have curated a series of articles highlighting the finest vendors in London, each specialised in various aspects of weddings, such as enchanting venues, expert wedding planners, and talented florists. We understand that it can be somewhat of a mission when planning a wedding and that's why we've gathered all our top recommendations here — providing you with the inspiration and guidance necessary to orchestrate your dream wedding.

It is without further Ado that we present the following.

Wedding Venues In London

Image credit: Bateaux London

At the centre of an extraordinary wedding lies selecting the perfect venue, one that harmonises with your vision and breathes life into your wedding theme. Embraced by the captivating beauty of nature, London stands as a renowned city, adorned with its iconic landmarks, picturesque parks, and river views, creating an enchanting canvas for your special day. Steeped in history and culture, this vibrant city is interspersed with charming neighbourhoods that add a touch of timeless allure to your celebrations.

We recently made an article that recommended 6 Superb Wedding Venues In London. To recap, we recommended:

  • Boundary Shoreditch, An exquisite boutique hotel with a rooftop that shows great views of the city.
  • Wilton's Music Hall, A grande auditorium that speaks volumes of elegance
  • The County Arms, A cosy ambience with a charm of a traditional family pub
  • The Depot, A contemporary and stylish venue exuding individual charm
  • Bateaux London, A unique venue that has breathtaking vistas
  • Fortnum & Mason, A decorative, romanesque architecture with a historic design

Wedding Planners In London

Image credit: Westacott Weddings & Events

London, as a city renowned for its impeccable taste and sophistication, is home to a myriad of skilled and well-coordinated wedding planners who can seamlessly take charge and let you relish every moment of your special day with complete peace of mind.

In another recent article, we highlighted 7 brilliant wedding planners in London with exceptional talents and expertise. To recap these were:

Wedding Florists In London

Image credit: Pesh Flowers

Amidst the intricate tapestry of wedding planning, one of the most enchanting threads is undoubtedly the floral arrangements. From the bride's radiant bouquet to the artful table centrepieces, flowers hold the power to express the couple's unique essence and breathe life into their wedding celebration. A well-curated floral display not only enhances the ambience but also encapsulates the essence of the love story being told.

In a recent feature, we unveiled the crème de la crème of London's wedding florists — the illustrious 8 who have taken the art of floral design to new heights. Those included:

  • Wild At Heart, nature's untamed beauty takes centre stage in its designs, creating lush and organic arrangements that evoke the charm of the wild outdoors.
  • Rebel Rebel, unconventional and bold, floral designs push the boundaries, bringing a rebellious and edgy touch to your wedding with striking and eye-catching blooms.
  • Pesh Flowers, motionally evocative, their arrangements are carefully crafted to captivate hearts, expressing sentiments and telling stories through the language of flowers.
  • Ambrosia Flowers, infusing heavenly blooms, their arrangements create a sense of celestial elegance and ethereal beauty that transports you to a realm of enchantment.
  • Wedding Flower Company, dedicated to bespoke floral wonders, each arrangement is meticulously tailored to your unique vision, ensuring a truly personalised and magical display.
  • Blossom & Threads, weaving delicate blooms into intricate and romantic designs, their creations exude grace and charm, making every arrangement a work of art.
  • Augusta Florals, a touch of sophistication and elegance defines their style, with refined and timeless designs that lend an air of opulence to your wedding.
  • Flowers By Primrose, for its creation with a sense of charm and grace, their designs showcase the beauty of simplicity and classic elegance, bringing a touch of serenity to your special day.

Wedding Bands In London

Juno & Watts

Juno & the Watts is an electrifying party band with bold and brilliant energy. Their soulful Motown hits and chart-topping pop deliver a remarkable musical experience. Whether it's a wedding or an intimate gathering, they guarantee to please any crowd. With infectious beats and captivating performances, Juno & The Watts ignite the dance floor, keeping everyone grooving all night long. A perfect harmony of talent and charm, they'll leave an indelible impression on your exceptional event. Get ready for a musical journey where nostalgia meets modernity.

Not finding your perfect match? Explore our other sensational Soul and Motown wedding bands!


Tropic is a laid-back, stylish, and cool band, with a polished and funk-filled repertoire delivered with a deft touch of neo-soul. Elevate your big event to the next level with Tropic's captivating party covers that exude both style and substance.

Not quite hitting the right chord? Discover our array of other Rock/Pop/Soul London wedding bands to make your event a memorable celebration!

LFX - Electro Swing

LFX-Electro Swing stands as the undeniable ultimate party band, boasting a hip, fresh, and distinctive persona that oozes the sharpness of a nightclub aesthetic. With them, you get an authentic, all-out experience of your favourite VIP club night.

Looking to explore a different festival flair you desire? Delight in our handpicked array of Festival Style function London Wedding bands.

The Thamesmen

The Thamesmen is a thrilling vintage act with a contemporary twist, exuding crisp suits, quaffed hair, and mesmerizing harmonies. This electrifying live band brings five decades of the best British pop music to life. With their sharp suits, scintillating performances, and stunning production, The Thamesmen are the perfect addition to elevate any wedding or function to a fabulous celebration.

Seeking a different musical flavour? Discover an array of our 90’s London wedding pop bands.

Gatsby’s JukeBox

Gatsby’s Jukebox takes vintage function acts to new heights, radiating the elegance of dapper 20’s glamour with a contemporary twist. Get ready for an extraordinary journey as modern music hits gracefully metamorphose into toe-tapping 1920s swing, infusing your event with timeless charm. With their professional and stylish covers, Gatsby’s Jukebox will captivate your glitzy affair, delivering live Postmodern Jukebox-style and electrifying electro-swing entertainment that will leave your guests in awe

Captivated by the idea of a different jazz experience? Immerse yourself in the talent of other Jazz London wedding bands.

In case none of these artists or genres align with your vision for the big day, delve into our comprehensive catalogue of London wedding bands. With an extensive array of talented musicians and bands at your disposal, you'll discover the ideal musical accompaniment to make your special day truly remarkable.

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