Yorkshire Wedding Ideas and Inspiration for a Perfect Day
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Yorkshire Wedding Ideas and Inspiration for a Perfect Day

Planning a wedding is an exhilarating experience, but it can also be complex and stressful. We get it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and undoubtedly, you'll want to ensure that everything is flawless. However, with numerous details to consider, a multitude of potential vendors to hire, and the task of pleasing everyone, it can become overwhelming.

Recently, we have published some articles featuring our top recommendations for Yorkshire vendors in various aspects of your wedding, including venues, wedding planners, and florists. We aim to simplify the process of planning your Yorkshire wedding. That's why we have compiled all our suggestions in one place, providing you with the inspiration and guidance required to plan the perfect wedding.

So, make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and let's delve into the wonderful world of Yorkshire wedding planning.

Yorkshire Wedding Venues

Thicket Priory

Image credit: Thicket Priory

At the heart of every extraordinary wedding lies a venue that perfectly aligns with your requirements and allows you to bring your wedding theme to life. Yorkshire is renowned for its captivating natural beauty, showcased through its charming countryside and breathtaking coastlines.

With a rich historical heritage, the region is adorned with numerous remarkable villages that provide the ideal backdrop for your special day. From majestic manor houses to opulent hotels, Yorkshire presents a diverse selection of wedding venues that cater to every preference and budget.

In a recent article, we gave our recommendations for some of the best luxury Yorkshire wedding venues. To recap, they were:

Yorkshire Wedding Planners


Image credit: Kook

Let’s face it. With a wedding day as important as yours, it can take the pressure off to get help from an expert planner. This way, you can ensure the day goes smoothly so you can focus on the stuff that really matters. The good news is that Yorkshire is brimming with excellent wedding planners!

Similar to the venues, we recently posted an article outlining our recommendations for some of the best Yorkshire wedding planners. To recap, they were:

A good wedding planner will usually either recommend or organise a wedding photographer to perfectly capture your day. As with everything else in this article, make sure to dedicate some time to researching the best Wedding Photographers for your wedding. Each has their unique style, so it's best to ensure they'll encapture the day as you wish it to be remembered.

Yorkshire Wedding Florists

The Little Flower Hut

Image credit: The Little Flower Hut

When it comes to making your wedding day truly special, flowers are a key ingredient. They bring beauty, elegance, and a lovely scent to every wedding celebration, from the bride's bouquet to the table centrepieces.

In Yorkshire, you'll find a bunch of talented wedding florists who can turn your floral dreams into reality. Whether you're into classic arrangements or trendy designs, these florists have the skills to create stunning displays that perfectly match your wedding theme and style.

We recently spoke about our recommendations for some of the best wedding florists in Yorkshire. To recap, they are:

Yorkshire Wedding Bands

Everybody loves a wedding, but everyone especially loves the evening party. A defining part of the night is the music and entertainment. It connects everybody, creates an atmosphere, and brings the evening to life. As such, it’s essential to pick a band or DJ that’s best for the party that you want.

At Tailored Entertainment, we’re very confident in our selection of Yorkshire wedding bands. We’ve got an expansive catalogue of artists across an array of genres so you’ll be able to find something that’s perfect for your celebrations. Here are a few of our many great options:

The Daddy-O's

The Daddy-O’s

The Daddy-O’s folk-inspired live act makes them a firm favourite for festival-style weddings and events of all shapes and sizes!

Not quite the one for you? Check out our other Mumford/Folk Yorkshire wedding bands!

The Dials

The Dials

The Dials are a thrilling indie rock trio with a diverse setlist that's sure to have something to please every one of your guests! Guitar-driven indie rock with a sharp, stylish edge; all wrapped up in an electrifying live show.

Interested in other rock bands? Check out our full list of Indie Rock/Pop Yorkshire wedding bands!

Soul Motion

Soul Motion

Soul Motion seamlessly brings the iconic sound of Motown Records right into the 21st Century. This is a glamour-laden, sumptuous soul showband of the very highest calibre.
Elegant and chic with a deft touch of 60’s flash, Soul Motion are a serious soul showband with genuine star quality.

Not quite your cup of tea? Check out our selection of other Soul & Motown Yorkshire wedding bands. Looking for bands or artists of different genres? Explore our full list of Yorkshire wedding bands and find the perfect wedding entertainment for you!

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