How far in advance should I book my wedding band?
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How far in advance should I book my wedding band?

Great question! If you’re looking for a quick answer, we’d recommend at least 12-18 months in advance of your wedding date. This typically gives you availability across lots of fantastic bands, with plenty of time to sit back and start to envision how your day looks.

For those of you who like to research and take some time finding the perfect match, then 2 years in advance is a great time to start looking. You’ll be ahead of most couples, so you’re more likely to secure your favourite.

Bands rarely receive cancellations, so if your top choice is booked for your date, it’s not recommended to wait to see if they become available. No need to stress though if this does happen! At Tailored Entertainment, we have well over 100 brilliant wedding acts to choose from, and our friendly, knowledgeable, experienced Booking Agents are here to help you find that dream band.

Feeling like you’ve left it a bit late? We’ve got you covered - there’s always time! With new bands always in development, there’s often a new band on our roster with last minute availability and sometimes an enticing introductory rate.

One of our hottest new bands that falls into this category is HYPR.

This high energy club & dance anthems band are sure to be a hot commodity in 2024, so why not be ahead of the trend and snap them up in 2023 and have all your guests asking “where did you find them?!”. We often have couples booking the same band that they saw at a friend’s wedding that year, so if you want to have that “wow” moment with a band that your guests haven’t seen before - be sure to check out HYPR.

Another bonus to planning ahead is being able to budget for any upgrades that catch your eye.

One band that has some unique offerings is Electric Kicks.

Not only can they offer an afternoon lounge set for your drinks reception, they can also offer a Bandeoke and/or Jukebox option to their main set for the evening. What does that mean?

Bandeoke is where your guests can sing songs from the band’s published Bandeoke repertoire with a specially set-up monitor for guests to read the lyrics on stage. So if ever wanted to rock it out with a live band, with adoring fans all around - now is your chance!

The Jukebox package is where you have the option to handpick the band’s setlist for the night. Choosing from their full repertoire, you have free reign to create the exact night of music you’d like to hear from their extensive song list.

These extras can also be added closer to your wedding, so don’t fret if you can’t decide just yet - just book the band’s standard package to get the band secured for your date and you can think about the rest later.

Not sure where to start? Pop us a call! We love a chat, and one of our friendly, helpful team can give you guidance and advice specific to what you’re looking for. Then when you’re ready to look at options, we can send over personalised, bespoke quotes - let the fun begin!

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