3 Recommended Indie Rock Bands for Non-Traditional Weddings
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3 Recommended Indie Rock Bands for Non-Traditional Weddings

Getting ready for the happiest day of your life is a busy time. And if you are planning a non-traditional wedding, you want everything to be bespoke to you. From your venue and theme to the music, you want to show off your personality at every level.

If you are looking for entertainment that is a little out of the ordinary while still having great appeal, then these three indie rock bands might inspire your wedding planning!

3 Recommended Indie Rock Bands for Non-Traditional Weddings - The Wild Childs

The Wild Childs

If you want your wedding to have some serious fun and frolic, The Wild Childs might be the choice for you. This Sussex based four-piece has a summery vibe and carefree energy that is hard to beat, with a setlist of indie rock classics that you are sure to love. The band will provide a bespoke pre-mixed DJ set both before and after they perform live, so you can be sure to hear your favourite songs, as well as your choice of a first dance song.

Want some live entertainment during dinner or drinks? You can add a sixty-minute live lounge set for some chilled out sounds while you mingle with guests.

3 Recommended Indie Rock Bands for Non-Traditional Weddings - The Dials

The Dials

The Dials are a thrilling indie rock trio with a diverse setlist that's sure to have something to please every one of your guests!

With your choice of special request or first dance, The Dials will make your night feel truly special. It’s like being at a live show, but with a bespoke pre-mixed DJ service and the option to add a live DJ set so you can make the most of your night.

3 Recommended Indie Rock Bands for Non-Traditional Weddings - Brightside


Bringing true star quality to your wedding is easy with Brightside. With the appeal of a major band, they combine classic and modern indie rock sounds to create a set that everyone will love. You can look forward to a pre-mixed DJ service as well as live sets split into two or three sections, depending on your choice. This Hampshire-based three-piece is committed to providing you with an amazing night, with the option to add a 60-minute acoustic set that will be the perfect accompaniment to your casual drinks, and the chance to enjoy a band member DJ’ing live before and after their live set. For true lovers of indie rock, Brightside is a fantastic choice.

Throwing a non-traditional wedding doesn’t have to be difficult - just stay true to yourself and with these bands, you can show off your music taste and dance the night away with your loved ones.

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