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Wedding Venues With Sound Limiters - what are they and how does it affect your wedding entertainment?

Tuesday 29th January 2019

Picture the scene for a moment.

After months of searching, countless dead ends and god knows how many open days, you’ve finally found your perfect wedding venue. You didn’t know it until you found it, but now you cannot imagine yourself getting married anywhere else.

Then you find out your venue has a pretty strict sound limiter. Well…you also had your heart set on an amazing wedding band for the evening reception.

So what are your options? Firstly, don’t stress. You can still find that perfect wedding entertainment you’d been banking on. And we can help you out with that! But I’m guessing you’ve got a couple of questions first, right?

Wedding Venues With Sound Limiters

‘Yes. Firstly, what on earth is a sound limiter?’

Good question. Without going into too much detail (because the details really are crushingly dull), sound limiters are just decibel readers that keep track of the ambient noise level inside a room. Once the dynamic volume gets beyond a certain point, the sound limiter will typically cut the power to certain plug sockets - resulting in your band’s PA (and subsequently the dancefloor) going dark for a minute or so.

‘Okay, so why do venues have them?’

Another good question. There are lots of different reasons for venues installing a sound limiter, but they’re often deployed when venues lie close to houses and other local residences. Noise compliancy is a big deal for licensed wedding venues, and it’s important for them not to breach certain limits, typically set by the local council.

Wedding Venues With Sound Limiters

‘So does this mean we can’t have a live band?’

Not at all! Any high-end, professional function band worth their salt should be well versed in working within the noise limits set in place by your venue. All our bands are experienced in providing an amazing evening’s entertainment without upsetting the neighbours!

Sound limits range from 100dB to 85dB, depending on the venue. Different agencies will offer different advice on this but allow us at Tailored to say with total assurance – any professional live function band should be totally equipped to work within these limits!

However, if your dream wedding venue is super-strict on noise compliancy, we still have some awesome unplugged live music options that really know how to bring the party. More on that in a bit.

Firstly, here’s a few great bands that have plenty of experience with sound limiters and venues with noise restrictions…


Festival bands are a great option for venues with sound limiters, and Suffolk wedding band Festival Folk are one of the best out there! Their blend of vintage tunes and contemporary festival headliners means they can have the dancefloor packed all night – without giving the venue manager too many headaches!

Wedding Venues With Sound Limiters


90’s RnB, contemporary pop and timeless soul are on offer with this remarkable live band. Chart Attack boast experience performing at some of the most prestigious live music venues in the world – this consummate professionalism makes them a great choice for sound-limiter specific venues.

Wedding Venues With Sound Limiters


The Magic Tones are one of the busiest and best wedding bands in the country, and it’s not hard to see why. What makes them the perfect fit for sound limiter venues, however, is the flexibility of their line-up. They can strip back to an awesome four-piece band, reducing the chances of noise issues whilst still bringing the party!

Wedding Venues With Sound Limiters

If your venue is super-sensitive to noise compliancy…how about a ROAMING BAND?

Roaming Bands are a fairly new phenomenon set to take the wedding entertainment scene by storm in 2019. A roaming band is a totally unplugged function act, that roams around your venue performing songs directly to your guests! They’re immersive, high energy, and a great alternative to your standard function band. Here’s two of our favourites…


Festival Nights are London’s leading festival style wedding band, and now they’ve branched out into a roaming presentation, too! If you need any assurances over how much fun these guys will bring to your wedding reception, just check out their video (make sure you stick it out to the ABBA-inspired finale!).


One of the country’s best established and longest-running roaming bands, The Wanderland Band’s reputation for incredible live entertainment very much precedes them. It’s why they’ve provided awesome, immersive live music at venues like Wembley Arena and the Singapore Grand Prix.

So there you have it! For more information and advice on bands that can deal with sound limiters, call our friendly team of experts on 0800 564 2400. We can’t wait to here from you!

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