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Wedding Venue Noise Restrictions

Tuesday 18th August 2015

So, you've found the perfect venue, you've booked one of the UK's Finest Live Wedding Bands, but will they work together? Some venues have noise limiters, which can affect the volume a band can play at. Other venues may have noise curfews, especially in residential areas and on very rare occasions, some venues don't allow amplified music.

Noise Limiters

Noise limiters use a microphone to test the loudness in the venue. If the loudness exceeds a certain limit for a small period of time (usually about 5 seconds), all power to the band will be cut. As you can imagine, this can prove quite tricky for your function or jazz band!

Unfortunately, these venues often have no choice and are legally required to have noise limiters, especially if they are located in a residential area. All of our live bands are as accommodating as possible when it comes to noise limiters and if they know in advance, they are able to ensure it affects the overall sound as little as possible, so please check with your venue!

PAT Testing & Public Liability Insurance

PAT stands for Portable Appliance Testing and tests the safety of portable electrical equipment, such as guitar amplifiers. Most venues need the bands that play there to be PAT testes and insured. Well, good news! All of the bands at Tailored Entertainment are fully PAT tested and have PLI insurance! One less thing to tick off the list!

Acoustic Options

In the rare case of a venue disallowing any amplified music, most of our bands can offer a more acoustic setup. It is worth baring in mind that this will change the overall sound of your covers band, although there are options such as electric drum kits which help to maintain that full band sound.

For help with hiring a fantastic live covers band for your wedding, or advise on noise restrictions and your venue, call us for a friendly chat on 0800 564 2240.

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