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How Much Do You Spend On Wedding Photography?

Friday 26th February 2016

Budgeting for your wedding can be one of the biggest challenges of getting married. You'll need to set aside enough money to cover the wedding band, the venue and a range of other expenses, including the photographer.

Well, if you're currently trying to plan your big day, a new survey has revealed some of the costs you could face when booking a wedding photographer.

The research, conducted by Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, revealed the average couple spends £1,520 in the UK on their official wedding album. According to professional photographers, their biggest expenses are often the equipment, advertising and travel costs.

However, wedding photos could become cheaper in the future, with survey respondents claiming access to more affordable cameras has increased competition. Nevertheless, 30 per cent of people opt for an 'unplugged' wedding, which is when guests are discouraged from taking their own photos.

The study followed recent research from Hallmark Hotels, published in the Evening Standard, which showed couples are increasingly considering social media bans to prevent unflattering photos from appearing online.

According to Your Perfect Wedding Photographer, unplugged weddings are popular because people don't want the integrity of their professional photos to be undermined by amateur snaps. Despite this, the industry remains competitive.

"It is very saturated and inevitably there are going to be more and more cheap photographers out there. Many people can take a good photo these days and that's ok," explained Meagan Sarah of Meagan Sarah Photography.

Ms Sarah said couples should consider the whole package when weighing up whom to select as their wedding photographer. Some professionals offer free gifts, a high-end studio and various other services to help on the big day. 

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