Unique Wedding Trends for 2019
Lee Broderick
Author: Lee Broderick

Lee has worked as a touring musician and songwriter since graduating from LIPA in 2010. After returning from a two-year stint in Nashville working as a staff writer for Universal Music Publishing, Lee joined our exclusive roster as the frontman of one of our most popular bands - Festival Nights. He combines his live performance and songwriting alongside work as Content & Social Media Manager for Tailored Entertainment.

Unique Wedding Trends for 2019

Here at Tailored HQ, we’re well and truly into wedding season right now - each weekend sees us sending out scores of bands to provide amazing wedding entertainment for couples across the length and breadth of the country.

And this puts us in a rather unique position. We get a first-hand look at what’s hot and what’s not in the world of wedding planning each and every weekend. And so we’ve asked our bands to give us the low-down on the very best, brand new wedding trends, so all you lovely people can make the most of our inexhaustible wedding knowledge by getting ahead of the curve for next year! Aren’t we lovely?

Without further ado, lets get cracking shall we? Here’s five of our favourite new wedding trends, from our amazing acts to you.

Pub Weddings!

Unique Wedding Trends For 2019

Wedding settings have been becoming more relaxed and informal by the year, with couples moving away from standard, traditional wedding venues in search of something more unique and relaxed. Last year we had the rise of the teepee wedding, now we see an even more exciting venue trend emerging. Weddings in beautiful country pubs! These pretty, quintessentially English little gastro pubs make a surprisingly romantic setting for your wedding reception, all with a gorgeously relaxed vibe. One of our Essex wedding bands, Festival Folk, recently played The Bell in Ticehurst, an awesome Tudor-style pub that’s option if you’re planning a laid-back wedding in the south east. Another one of our favourite pub venues has to be The Perch Freehouse in Binsey, Oxford - an 800 year old thatched roof pub sat on a sleepy bend of the River Thames. The Perch even comes complete with one of the best pub gardens you’re likely to find!

Hipster Swing Bands!

Swing wedding bands have been swinging in and out of fashion for a few years now. They can be a tough one to get right - whilst the atmosphere afforded by a sophisticated swing band can be second to none, there’s so many twee, cheesy options out there that choosing the right one can feel like a bit of a minefield. Well, this year has seen an influx of ultra cool, ‘hipster swing’ acts coming to the fore, many of which bring a refreshing, contemporary bite to your standard swing band. Maybe try the incredible Bootleg Boogie Band for an authentic taste of prohibition era vintage wedding entertainment (check out their video above). Or bring the house down with the incredible Jimmy & The Jets, another great option for amazing swing music.

Typewriter Guestbooks!

Unique Wedding Trends For 2019 Here’s one we’ve noticed popping up here and there this summer. For a fun, quirky little twist on the traditional hand written guestbook you could think about something a little more mechanical. Get hold of a lovely little vintage typewriter and have your guests type out their messaged of love and support for you to treasure afterwards! It’s an awesome way to make your wedding day a little more interactive and fun for your guests, too. Be sure to grab one in good condition, though! If you don’t think you’ll ever use it again, companies like London Typewriters will hire them to you for a very reasonable price.

Food Trucks!

Unique Wedding Trends For 2019

The street food revolution has well and truly taken over the wedding catering market, and boy are we glad it has! If you’re looking to move away from the age-old chicken-in-a-mushroom-sauce wedding meal, try bringing the bustling vibrancy of an artisan food truck to your big day. One of our Bristol wedding bands, Reno & The Reverends, recently pointed us in the direction of Baz & Fred - an amazing mobile pizza oven company that boasts a five star Timeout review. If you fancy something a little more on the healthy side, check out the stunning work from the good people at Wholefood Heaven, perfect for wedding parties keen to be vegan-friendly!

Sparkler Send-Offs!

Unique Wedding Trends For 2019

The age-old tradition of seeing off the bride and groom had abated someone over the last few years. But recently, we’ve seen it creeping back - and we’re so glad it has! It’s a lovely way to bring your day to a close, for the wedding party and the guests alike. One awesome little addition we’ve seen popping up at a few weddings is what we call the Sparkler Send-Off. All your guests form a tunnel with lit sparklers, and you exit through it to your waiting car. It’s romantic, it’s fun, it’s unforgettable, and if you do it right it makes for some incredible photos afterwards. Check out this article from the folks at Mastin Labs on how to really nail that final sparkler shot.

So there you have it! Five awesome wedding trends that will leave your wedding totally unforgettable for a long time to come. Give us a call and chat to us about making your wedding amazing on 0844 564 2240. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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