Unique Wedding Entertainment Experiences - Interactive Wedding Bands & Performers
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Unique Wedding Entertainment Experiences - Interactive Wedding Bands & Performers

Choosing your wedding entertainment can be difficult, it’s hard to even know where to start. If you’re after something unique, something different that’ll make your night stand out, and give both you and your guests an unforgettable party, look no further! We’ll go into detail on a few acts on our roster here at Tailored Entertainment that specialise in their interactivity — wedding bands and DJs that blur the stage boundary between guest and performer, and are guaranteed to put on a night to remember.

Interactive Wedding Bands & Performers

Live bands your guests can sing with!

What’s better than singing karaoke? Having a live band of professional musicians backing you up! This is exactly what the Live Karaoke Band and the Ultimate Bandeoke Band specialise in.

Live Karaoke Band are the original ‘bandeoke’ act, they were formed in 2008 and are guaranteed to bring the party for your guests. People feel like stars as they take to the stage to perform with a live band. Their host will kick off the entertainment with a full band performance as a demonstration, and you and your guests can submit song requests from their huge repertoire. The lyrics are all on screen for the singers as you’d expect for karaoke, and the host will be on hand to help any guests who might be a bit nervous.

The Ultimate Bandeoke Band are another great option for your wedding band — sharply dressed, with an extensive repertoire of the best karaoke songs and years of experience performing at weddings.

You can also ask these bandeoke bands to learn a special request song for you, so if there’s a song you’ve always wanted to not only sing at karaoke, but also hear performed live, this is your chance!

The Live Karaoke Band and the Ultimate Bandeoke Band are exclusive to Tailored Entertainment, so if you’re interested in booking, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the website or give us a call on 0800 564 2240!

If you’re after more of a hybrid bandeoke experience, where a band perform one set singing themselves, but also offer a karaoke set — check out Electric Kicks or 8-Ball!

Ultimate Bandeoke Band

The ultimate one-man show — that your guests can play drums with!

Ultimatum is guaranteed to elevate your evening entertainment. A solo live performance by Ben, the Ultimatum Experience is unlike any kind of wedding band you can book. Using live loop techniques popularised by Ed Sheeran, Ben will be performing vocals, drums, lead guitar and bass, keyboard and synth, using electronic samples of numerous other instruments, and more to put together a truly unforgettable show.

Ultimatum also offers a Live Guest Participation Feature that’s bound to leave an impression! Guests are invited up to play on the invisible drum kit. Using a special pair of drum sticks, anybody can play the drums just by hitting the air! You can see a video of this below.

DJ with live sax

Having a wedding DJ can be a great option, they can cater for all your guests’ song preferences and keep the dance floor full — but they can be a little tucked away behind their DJ booth. That’s why adding a saxophonist can be a great option for that extra interactivity! Our roster of DJs here all offer live saxophonists who can accompany them. You’ll get all the freedom of song choice that comes with a DJ, but you still get to hear that sensational live sax accompaniment.

The saxophonist can come away from the DJ booth, getting stuck in on the dance floor with your guests — turning the party up to eleven as they dance with the sax player!

Or maybe you’re after an interactive wedding DJ with an extra wow factor? Look no further than Brass Monkeys Collective. They’re a show-stopping combination of a live DJ, a saxophonist and a percussionist all with years of experience performing together, and are sure to bring the party to your night.

Ultimatum also offer a DJ live set with sax — and with Ultimatum’s drums, bass, guitar, keys and vocals all on top!

The Wanderland - Roaming Band

Roaming bands

You might be asking what a roaming band is exactly? They’re not tied down by amplification, it’s just great musicians performing to you and your guests live, entirely unplugged. They get their name from the way they ‘roam’ around the performance space, playing to small groups of people at a time and mingling with your guests.

This is a great option for afternoon music in particular. Acoustic musicians create a really magical atmosphere, with nothing between the guests, the performers and their instruments. It can make for a great alternative to a usual function band who perform in place.

Roaming bands are also fantastic for any outdoors performance, with no equipment to worry about moving in the event of rain. They also don’t need any access to power, so they can perform wherever you’d like them to. They’re a great versatile option that can adapt to any wedding.

Maybe you’d like a band to take you from your wedding ceremony to your drinks reception, or perhaps to accompany your guests into dinner? They’ve got plenty of experience in this, and can lead your guests to the next location with great songs performed live on the way — just mention your needs in your enquiry, and we can put together a bespoke package for you.

We have a wide roster of roaming wedding bands based all over the UK, you can check them out here.


I hope this has been helpful in giving you an idea of where to start if you’re looking for the most unique wedding entertainment experiences! Interactive wedding bands and performers are a fantastic way to give your guests an incredible night to remember. If any of the acts above have caught your eye, please get in touch! You can enquire on the website from the act you’re interested in, send an email to info@tailored-entertainment.com, or give us a call on 0800 564 2240.

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