The Real Wedding Bands of Cheshire!
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The Real Wedding Bands of Cheshire!

Your wedding is one of the unforgettable moments in your life. You wouldn't want anything to go wrong. And one of the key decisions that you have to make is choosing a reputable wedding band in Cheshire.

You need a wedding band that will deliver top-notch entertainment to your guests. There are several live wedding bands that you can book for your wedding day in Cheshire. Here are some of the top live wedding bands for you.

The Real Wedding Bands of Cheshire! - Hipshaker


It is one of the notable indie rock bands you can hire for your wedding in Cheshire. This live band plays your favorite classic songs from the sixties Merseybeats to your modern hits, all with an indie swagger. Their electrifying setlist will leave you and your visitors breathless.

Their standard package starts from £1,260, and it includes:

  • A professional party band with an electrifying live performance
  • Two sets of sixty minutes each live shows or three sets of forty minutes each live shows
  • Executive PA and stage lighting
  • Pre-mixed DJ services ahead of the show and after You will never go wrong with the Hipshaker band in Cheshire.
The Real Wedding Bands of Cheshire! - On The One

On The One

This is one of the thrilling indie-rock 3-piece you can hire anywhere in Northwest, including Cheshire county. They combine their decades of experience and incredible talents to deliver a jaw-dropping array of styles and genres. The band has something for everyone.

Due to their vast experience, the band can perform at any wedding party regardless of its size and budget. Their charges start from £1,025.

On The One band standard package include:

  • A fantastic live show by a professional trio indie rock band
  • Two or three live sets of sixty minutes or forty minutes each
  • Have your special request songs performed

If you're looking for a wedding band for any size of a party and budget, On The One should be your top choice.

The Real Wedding Bands of Cheshire! - Smith & Sons

Smith & Sons

It's one of the most popular wedding and events bands in the UK. The band is perfect for entertaining guests at a wedding reception. They play relaxed and contemporary music styles accompanied by a little rock n' roll edge that guarantees satisfaction to your visitors.

The standard package for this wedding band include:

  • Executive PA and stage lighting
  • Two sets of live performances, each going for sixty minutes
  • A timeless anthems of summer festivals from all eras
  • Exceptional pre-mixed DJ services prior to and after live performances
  • Performing a special request or your first dance of choice

Smith & Sons band can tailor their services to meet your needs. The band's charges start from £1,650.

The Real Wedding Bands of Cheshire! - Festival Nights

Festival Nights

It is one of the biggest function bands you can book in the UK. The band is famous for weddings across the country. You can never go wrong by hiring Festival Nights for your wedding.

The band is famous for the Bo-ho style alongside a relaxed rock n' roll edge. A standard package for this band includes:

  • Executive PA, stage lighting, and sound engineering services
  • An executive 4-piece festival band that has a breathtaking live performance
  • Notable pre-mixed DJ services before and after the show
  • Playing additional song requests

To hire this band for your wedding, you'll need to part with about £1,910.

Now that you know the best wedding bands in Cheshire, it's time to choose one that will make your wedding day unforgettable. These bands have an extensive repertoire of music and can provide tailor-made services to suit your needs. So, don't hesitate to contact us today!

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