Tailored Entertainment at Glastonbury 2019!
Lee Broderick
Author: Lee Broderick

Lee has worked as a touring musician and songwriter since graduating from LIPA in 2010. After returning from a two-year stint in Nashville working as a staff writer for Universal Music Publishing, Lee joined our exclusive roster as the frontman of one of our most popular bands - Festival Nights. He combines his live performance and songwriting alongside work as Content & Social Media Manager for Tailored Entertainment.

Tailored Entertainment at Glastonbury 2019!

Happy summer folks!

We’re right in the midst of wedding season right now – our bands are out across the country providing top notch wedding entertainment to happy couples across the country.

But it’s not just weddings that make up our musicians’ heavy summer schedule. Festival season is in full swing too, and members of Tailored bands can be found gracing sunny stages far and wide.

We’ve plenty of festival style wedding bands on our books, because we recognise just how much people love the vibe of an awesome summer festival. And many members of our bands know exactly how to illicit that heady festival atmosphere – because they regularly play some of the biggest ones around!

So for this blog, we thought we’d turn our attention to the biggest of them all – Glastonbury Festival – and give you a glimpse at some of our musicians and technical staff who have been working in and performing at music’s most iconic summer festival this year!

Tailored Performers at Glastonbury 2019

Robin Pearkes is a man of many talents. Not only does he perform in and musically direct one of our biggest London party bands, The Fix, he also performs in countless other musical projects. A couple of these took him to Glastonbury this year.

First off he could be found performing in alt pop duo, VOS. And later that weekend, Robin was onstage performing alongside multi-instrumentalist singer songwriter, Jax0n.

Tailored Entertainment At Glastonbury 2019

If you fancy booking Robin and his awesome live party band, The Fix, for your wedding, party or corporate function, you can check them out right here

Luke Taplin works alongside and performs with one of our busiest and most popular festival style wedding bands, Festival Nights. Over Glastonbury weekend, he could be found mixing sound for beat boxing master and alternative hip-hop artist SK Schlomo, on one of Glasto’s biggest stages. Here he is with the audience just before the show gets started!

Tailored Entertainment At Glastonbury 2019

You can find Luke most weekends at weddings and parties with the Festival Nights boys, making sure they sound sound as top-notch as a stage at the UK’s biggest music festival.

Tailored Entertainment At Glastonbury 2019

Then there’s Jackson Mathod – frontman of the incredible London wedding band, Sega & The Boombox. Specialising in retro 90’s covers, Sega & The Boombox make a truly unique addition to your wedding day! At Glastonbury, Jackson had the incredible privilege to perform alongside one of the festival’s headliners on The Pyramid Stage.

Tailored Entertainment At Glastonbury 2019

Jackson played trumpet in Stormzy’s band on the Friday night – taking part in what will surely go down as one of Glastonbury’s most iconic performances.

Tailored Entertainment At Glastonbury 2019

The very best musicians make up our bands.

When we say we work with the very best musicians out there, we really mean it! And it’s not just Glasto where you’ll find our musicians this summer. Members of Tailored bands can be found at virtually every major festival in the country – not to mention across Europe! Here’s a photo of Drew Wynen - another member of London wedding band Festival Nights - performing with electronic pop band Crystal Fighterse at Pol’and’Rock in Poland…to over 200,000 people!

Tailored Entertainment At Glastonbury 2019

Maybe you’d like to book one of these amazing artists to come play your wedding, party or function? Well then, give us a call and chat to one of our friendly team. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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