Last-minute wedding services
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Last-minute wedding services

So, you’ve decided you’re marrying the love of your life and you’re doing it sooner rather than later. How romantic! If you’re planning a last-minute whirlwind wedding, here are five things you definitely don't want to forget about!

Last-minute wedding services - the dress

The dress

No time to trail around wedding boutiques looking for “the one” or waiting for alterations? Most wedding dress boutiques have sample or sales rails where you can buy the dresses as they are, often at a reduced price.

Last-minute wedding services - the cake

The cake

Most wedding cake makers will have their order books full up months in advance, so if your heart is set on a stunning cake, you might need to get creative. Ask local bakeries if you can buy an uncut “regular” cake you love and use your imagination to “wedding-ify” it with a cute cake-topper that suits your style. Failing that, ditch the cake and lay out a dessert table full of all your favourite treats for your guests to help themselves to instead.

Last-minute wedding services - wedding flowers


Much like bakers, most florists will laugh in your face if you ask them for wedding flowers with very little notice. BUT, if you’re prepared to work with whatever they have in stock, they’ll likely still be able to create something absolutely stunning – and at a fraction of what it might have cost to order something specific in advance.

Last-minute wedding services - first dance

Your first dance song

When you hire a wedding band, it can literally help to set the whole tone for your big day. Choosing the right band can make or break your wedding reception; a great one will make sure that your guests have a fantastic time and help you make memories you can cherish forever.

Look for a band that you and your special someone both love – check out their videos online, and if you have your hearts set on a particular first dance song, make sure it’s in their repertoire!

Last-minute wedding services - last-minute honeymoon

A last-minute honeymoon

One big advantage of getting married last minute is last-minute holiday deals for your honeymoon! Flight operators don’t like empty seats, so when you’re looking at holiday packages that set off imminently, you might find that your budget goes a whole lot further and takes you to places you thought were out of your price range. Or, if you’re happy with a short-haul destination, you could up the luxury factor of your accommodation instead – start your married life together in style!

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