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How would you like Jon Bon Jovi to sing at your wedding?!

Wednesday 13th July 2016

Many of our wedding bands will tell you, that if there's one rock song that goes down an absolute storm, every time without fail; that always gets that dancefloor bouncing; and gets every single person (even your Great Granny) on their feet, it's the ultimate Bon Jovi classic, 'living on a prayer.'

The perfect way to finish the perfect day - everyone singing along at the top of their voices, the air guitars out, quite possibly a few ties round a few can picture the scene! And there's always one guest who's inner rock God can't quite contain themselves - they jump on to the stage, grab the microphone and belt out that key change as if their life depends on it (go on, admit it, it's you isn't it?!)

But what if that one guest was the original rock God himself, Mr. Jon Bon Jovi?!

Well that's what happened at this Florida wedding, when the singer of the wedding band managed to coax a rather embarrassed looking JBJ onto the stage to sing a slightly more acoustic cover of his 1986 smash single. Check out the video:

We bet the singer couldn't believe her luck! Although we must admit, Mr. Bon Jovi does look like he'd rather just be sipping the champers!

Although we can't promise a rock legend for your wedding, we can certainly promise the songs of said rock legend (with perhaps rather more gusto than he gave at this wedding!) with many of our rock and pop covers bands featuring them in their repertoire.

So give us a ring and you too could be belting out 'Living on a Prayer' at the top of your lungs sooner than you think...!


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