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Lee has worked as a touring musician and songwriter since graduating from LIPA in 2010. After returning from a two-year stint in Nashville working as a staff writer for Universal Music Publishing, Lee joined our exclusive roster as the frontman of one of our most popular bands - Festival Nights. He combines his live performance and songwriting alongside work as Content & Social Media Manager for Tailored Entertainment.

'How Much Should I Pay For My Wedding Band?' - The Tailored Entertainment Guide

If you’re about to embark on the understandably daunting process of choosing your perfect wedding entertainment, you’ve probably got about ten thousand questions and very few obvious places to look for the answers - the principal of which is probably, how much should I pay for my wedding band?

First off, don’t worry! We know this feeling well. As one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of wedding bands, soloists and DJ’s, we’re in constant contact with wedding planning couples who have no idea where to start when it comes to finding that perfect act (or acts!) for their big day.

So we thought we’d help with that.

Here, for your reading pleasure, is our Tailored Entertainment Definitive Guide on how much you should pay for your wedding band. If there’s anything you need to know that we haven’t covered here, don’t forget you can always contact our lovely team of experts and get their advice on absolutely anything. They’re happy to help!

We even put together this super-helpful video guide to walk you through each an every aspect of how much you should pay for your wedding band! You can check that out right here...

Okay. Let’s start with the basics...

What makes some bands more expensive than others?

Take your average middle-age rockers playing covers down the pub on a Saturday. They’re probably taking home between £250 and £500. That’s just for amateur players performing through what is usually old, average sounding and potentially unreliable gear. What’s more, a pub band doesn’t typically have experience at the top of the music industry, so they struggle to meet the demands of a high-end, meticulously planned wedding.

There’s a reason you pay more for an established, professional wedding band. Once you get over a certain price point, you can be sure your musicians are industry-standard. For example, a lot of our bands are session players for major touring artists, including One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and Paolo Nutini. They perform in our brilliant function bands alongside work at the pinnacle of the music industry. You’re paying for the very best - professionals, who make a living from performing.

Our Definitive Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding

You're also paying for a professional set-up - professional bands will have the insurance and PAT certified equipment to satisfy your venue's requirements, they'll have PA and lighting equipment that looks as good as it sounds, they'll provide a bespoke laptop DJ service before and after live sets, they'll have professional rehearsed understudies for every position in the band (so you're not left without entertainment in the event of a band member falling ill), they perform a set list focused on your enjoyment - rather than a set to indulge their own preferences, and with Tailored Entertainment you receive exceptional and attentive customer service from a dedicated booking manager throughout the booking and planning process.

How Much Does A Wedding Band Cost?

At Tailored, we’d recommend a base rate of around £995. Starting at that price ensures the band are of the highest quality.

For that price, you can get your hands on Brightside, an amazing indie rock trio that are one of our most popular wedding bands in Sussex…

If that still sits outside your budget, maybe think about a wedding DJ from our bespoke DJ service, Tailored DJ Collective. This can be a great option for those with a slightly tighter budget for the evening entertainment.

We represent a host of the country’s most in-demand premium wedding DJs, including DJ Ellis…

There’s lots of reasons why some bands are set at a higher price point. Typically, the cost of a band comes down to a few specific factors.

- The more band members, the more you’re likely to pay. An 8-person soul showband is usually going to be more expensive than an indie rock trio. However, some bands are flexible as to how many people they have in their line-up meaning they can be more affordable than you’d think.

- The more specialist the band, the more you’re likely to pay. So if you’re booking a festival style wedding band or post-modern jukebox band, they’re likely to cost a bit more than a standard pop or soul band.

- The more in-demand the band, the higher the price point is likely to be. We have several bands that are incredibly popular for weddings and corporate events, meaning they’re harder to get your hands on. This will typically push the price up a little.

Our Definitive Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding

So how can you ensure you’re getting the right wedding band for you? Here’s a few pointers to get you started down the road.

1. Choose your style before you start your search.

The function band industry has come a long way in the last few years. You don’t have to settle for a dodgy band in dodgy matching suits playing the same old tired tunes any more.

There’s incredible wedding bands out there that will match up with exactly the kind of music you love. But it really helps to hone that in a bit, first.

Think about the kind of music that gets you and your mates dancing at a party. Is it classic Motown? Try a Soul & Motown wedding band like Soul Supreme. How about indie bangers? indie rock band 8-Ball have got you covered. 90’s classics? Give Sega & The Boombox a listen. We even have club anthem bands that turn your big night into an Ibiza nightclub. Whatever you’re into, there’s a band out there for you.

Our Definitive Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding

Once you’ve narrowed that part down to one or two possible styles. You can move on to phase two…

2. Be realistic with your budget.

For some people, the choosing the perfect wedding entertainment is one of the most important parts of their wedding day. For others, it’s a nice addition to your reception.

Whichever side you sit on, set yourself a suitable guide price and use that as a yard stick for any band you check out. But remember – if you think the band’s price point sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Spending that little bit extra may mean you get better value for money. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

3. See what other couples have said.

It can be difficult to judge if a wedding band is right for you – typically, you won’t meet them before your wedding day and you’re booking them off the back of their promotional videos.

Your best bet is to take a look at the band’s client testimonials. This can very quickly give you a great portrait of how your night will unfold with your chosen band at the helm. Any function band worth their salt should have a long list of these to hand you on request, or ideally clearly listed on their website.

You could start by checking out our Facebook page, where you can view our regular ‘testimonial of the week’ feature. Here’s last weeks from The Fix…

Our Definitive Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding

"We just want to say a massive thank you to the band! They exceeded all of our expectations and were totally accommodating to our decision not to have a first dance. They slotted our chosen song into the set and it couldn't have gone more perfectly.” Natalie & Charles - Wedding, Coltsfoot Country Retreat, Knebworth

You can also take a look at our long list of our five star Google reviews, or view a full list of our band's testimonials on our website.

4. Check out the band’s social media.

A function band’s social media presence can give you another great snapshot of their sound and style. It can also act as a great indicator as to how busy the band is!

Check out this from one of our Bristol wedding bands, Festival Nights. They take a photo with the audience at the end of their shows and post them as ‘band selfies’. Not only do they look great, it gives you an opportunity to gauge how well they bring the party!

Our Definitive Guide To Choosing The Perfect Wedding

Lots of our bands take behind the scenes video content on the road and upload it as video blogs. Again – a great snapshot of how your night could potentially pan out!

5. Book through an agency

Now, we’re bound to say this – aren’t we? But we mean it sincerely. Why would you take the risk? Booking your wedding entertainment through a reputable live music agency ensures not only quality, but peace of mind when it comes to the security of your booking.

At Tailored, from your first enquiry you’ll be looked after by one of our dedicated team of industry professionals who will personally guarantee every aspect of your booking is taken care of meticulously. You’ll have the ability to constantly contact them with any time with questions or last-minute changes to your booking (and there are always last minute changes to your booking!).

What’s more, a live music agency will ensure your act is fully covered for all PAT Testing and Public Liability Insurance – a requirement in many venues.

So there you have it! Hopefully you feel a little more equipped to start your wedding entertainment search. Why not start on our website? Or you can call our team and chat to us about your live music requirements.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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