Five Reasons to use an Event Planner with Big Green Space
Lee Broderick
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Five Reasons to use an Event Planner with Big Green Space

Happy October, wedding planners!

We know planning your big day can be pretty stressful at times. As one of the UK's biggest suppliers of premium wedding entertainment, we see it first hand, week in, week out. But we know there are a few ways to make life easier for yourself!

So for this week's blog we wanted to hand you over to our friends at Big Green Space. They offer incredible bespoke event planning packages that'll really help get the best out of your day. But why use an event planner, I hear you cry? Here's five reasons for you, provided by Big Green Space's Event Consultant, Lousie Barcock. Enjoy!

Five Reasons to use an Event Planner, by Big Green Space

Planning an event can be exciting, but it’s not always as easy and stress-free as people anticipate! Choosing the venue, colour schemes and flowers is all part of the fun, but amid all the excitement it’s easy to forget the logistical details, which could end up having a big impact on the day. During my sixteen years as an event planner I’ve come to the rescue of many a host who’s underestimated the pressure that comes with organising a successful event. If you’ve got a celebration coming up, then here are my top five reasons why you should consider bringing a professional on board!

1. They are full of logistical expertise.

Room layouts, furniture positioning and the allocation of staff roles can all affect the way your event runs on the day. A great event planner will always be thinking ahead about these logistical elements, to ensure your guests experience the event in the best possible way. Always remember, the logistics behind the scenes are just as important to the success of the event as what goes on out front.

Five Reasons To Use An Event Planner With Big Green Space

2. They can get the best out of your suppliers.

One of the most common mistakes that people make when planning their own event is to not consider how each of the different elements interact with each other. I once attended a wedding as a guest, where the Bride and Groom had sourced a childcare provider to entertain the children. A fantastic idea, but when it was time for speeches, the venue decided that it was the best time to feed the suppliers, leaving the children’s area unattended and the parents stressed as the children screamed their way through the speeches!

Had they had an event planner, plans would have been put in place to ensure that all the suppliers understood their part in making the day a success.

3. They help to make your money go further.

I am a big fan of using creative tricks to make a big impact for very little money. When you host your own event, it is the little touches that can make it feel so personal. Your event planner should understand your vision, giving you creative control and allowing you to inject your personality into the day. They can then advise how to turn your ideas into reality whilst spending wisely.

By looking at the event as a whole and establishing relationships, we can also help to get the best out of your suppliers. Passing on discounts and ensuring items are sourced from the right people can save a fortune in the long run.

Five Reasons To Use An Event Planner With Big Green Space

Photo Credit:  Jamie Dunn Photography

4. They are an emotional crutch.

It is said that it takes around six working weeks to plan a wedding. Juggling this with everyday life is a challenge for anyone. Your event planner should be on hand for you to bounce ideas off, to be at the end of the phone when you are feeling overwhelmed and to make recommendations on how to make the organisation process as stress-free as possible.

They should also be there to help reduce conflict between all those with a vested interest and strong opinions on how everything should be done! “Asking the expert” is a great way to reach a compromise.

Five Reasons To Use An Event Planner With Big Green Space

Photo Credit:  Jamie Dunn Photography

5. You have more fun.

On the day, coordination is only one element of an event planner’s job, but it is a crucial one. Having someone to oversee the running order, to coordinate suppliers and to firefight any unexpected challenges that might be thrown your way, is invaluable. You can relax and host your guests, safe in the knowledge that everything will be running smoothly behind the scenes. No one wants to be dragged away from their party to deal with flooded toilets or to pull a truck out of a ditch!

Do give us a call to find out how we can give you a helping hand at your next event.

Louise Barcock – Big Green Space Event Consultancy

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