DJ with Live Music Add-Ons: The Hottest Trend In Live Music Booking
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DJ with Live Music Add-Ons: The Hottest Trend In Live Music Booking

’DJ with Live Music Add-Ons: The Hottest Trend In Live Music Booking

Originally pioneered by UK record label, Hed Kandi, the trend to hire a DJ with Live add-on’s, is more popular than ever before. Blending the smooth style of instrumental Jazz with popular party beats and songs, has been a popular addition to DJ sets for all occasions. Whether it’s a generic party, wedding or larger event, booking a DJ with Sax is suitable.

Before you book your next DJ for your party or event, familiarise yourself with the DJ Live options available to take any wedding, party or event to the next level.

How does a DJ live performance work?

A typical hired DJ performance will last for around 4-6 hours, depending on what the event requires. Weddings and corporate events may have a longer duration that more generic parties. Within the duration of the DJ set, the live musician will play for short periods of 15-30 minutes throughout the event.

The performers instrument will be connected to the sound system to amplify the sound. During their short bursts of playing, the live instrument will often take prominence over the song played by the DJ, blending beautifully to create a truly unique experience.

What types of music do DJ Live performers cover?

Although you may think that the choice of music is limited, DJ Live performers usually support all genres of party music. Everything from classic pop hits, to house & dance music, even R&B and Hip-Hop beats to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

What DJ Live add-on options are available?

Common DJ Live add-ons include DJ with Sax, DJ with Percussion & DJ with Vocalist. We expect more instruments to be added to the roster over time as the trend becomes more and more popular.

Where can I book DJ Live add-ons for my own event?

Look no further! At Tailored DJ Collective we offer premium DJ hire with a range of live music add-ons, including Sax, Percussion and Vocalists. Browse our range of DJ Live add-ons, available throughout the UK and get in touch with Tailored DJ Collective to book a DJ Live add-on for your wedding, party or event.

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