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Coronavirus FAQs - Advice for our Clients

Tailored Entertainment - we're here to help!

We understand how stressful it can be to plan a wedding or event during these unprecedented times, so we wanted to offer a little bit of guidance to help with your planning. Many of our clients have been in contact regarding the impact of coronavirus on your upcoming events, so we’ve done our best to answer a handful of your most frequently asked questions.

The good news is, things are looking brighter than they have done. The ongoing success of the vaccine rollout continues to be encouraging for the entire entertainment and hospitality industry, and today (15/6) Michael Gove backed Boris Johnson in 19th July 2021 being the terminus date for restrictions, with only 'unprecedented and remarkable' change being able to derail it

Regardless of what happens, we’re committed to remaining flexible and proactive for our clients as the situation changes. Our dedicated team is here to support and guide our clients through their planning process. If your query hasn’t been answered below, please get in touch:

Email: events@tailored-entertainment.com / Phone: 0800 564 2240.

Transferring Your Booking

If I book a band now but then have to change the date of my wedding will I be able to transfer the booking to a new date?

Absolutely, if Covid restrictions prevent your wedding or event from going ahead as planned and you'd prefer to move to a new date we will be very happy to accommodate.

Entertainment Availability During COVID-19

Our upcoming event is going ahead with the COVID restrictions in place - is the act still happy to perform?

If your event is able to take place at a COVID secure venue then we're sure our acts will be delighted to come and perform for you. Please get in touch and we can discuss further and make a plan with your act (it may be that your act can tailor the performance to suit your event - this could be to provide a more acoustic or live lounge style performance for example). As restrictions change, our acts will happily adjust and adapt to suit. As always, we’re here to make your big day unforgettable however we can.

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Rescheduling Due To Coronavirus

I have a band booked and am considering rescheduling my event - am I able to change the date we have booked with the act?

Yes - our goal in this situation is to find a solution that works for all parties.

With covid measures on weddings and events still in place we do understand that some of you will prefer to move your date to a time when you will be able to dance and celebrate with no restrictions.

The good news is, the future is looking bright. From 21st June 2021 the number of guests that can attend your wedding will be based on how many your venue can accomodate in a covid-secure way. Social distancing on the day is optional with the emphasis now being on individuals to make a decision based on their understanding of the risks involved. And with all social restrictions set to be removed from July 19th, weddings from that date should be able to go ahead unencumbered. If your wedding takes place before that date in July, please do feel free to give us a call to discuss your options.

If you do decide that moving your date will work best for you, we'd really appreciate you checking the act's availability before confirming your new date.

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Provisionally Booking Entertainment

Can I hold a date with the act while I finalise the booking with the venue and other suppliers?

We can certainly note your keen interest in a new date while you finalise the booking with your venue. We are not able to hold the date indefinitely and it is vital you contact us as soon as you've settled on a new date so we can secure the date with the act. We'd welcome you double-checking act availability with us whenever you need to.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The date is not secured until we've had verbal/written confirmation and have re-contracted the booking with you (the contract will need to be signed within 7 days of issue). If you would like to confirm a date please let us know at the very earliest opportunity. We are rescheduling a whole year of bookings and also have new bookings coming in for 2021/2022 so dates are filling fast and act availability is changing on a regular basis.

 If the act you originally chose is unavailable for your new date, we do have a brilliant roster of professional wedding bands and we're sure we'll be able to supply an alternative that works for you.

A Backup Date

Can I book a back-up date with you in case my event this year can’t go ahead?

We can note your interest in a date but we are unable to secure a date with a specific act unless the booking is made on our standard booking terms. Our goal is to find a way forward that works for both acts and clients and whilst our artists passionately want to help clients impacted by coronavirus, they simply cannot afford to block dates out in the diary that they may end up not being paid for.

One thing we'd like to highlight again is that we have a brilliant roster of acts that we exclusively represent and if you decide to move to a date on which your original choice isn't available, we will have excellent alternatives.

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Cancellation Terms

What are your cancellation terms when hiring a live band

You are able to view our full booking terms here.

Cancellation is covered in clause 7.

Cancelling Your Booking Due To COVID-19

What happens if I cancel my event due to the restrictions in place?

If you decide to cancel your booking due to Covid-19 restrictions (which we expect to be in place until 19th July 2021), the Force Majeure clause applies and no party will be liable for any failure to fulfill its obligations. Please note that the booking deposit is forfeited in this scenario as costs have been incurred that cannot be recovered elsewhere, we will though be happy to transfer the deposit amount you have paid to a new date or booking of your choosing. We'd really very much appreciate you choosing a date that works for the act you originally booked - if you would like to check a date, please let us know and we'll do our best to get an immediate response for you.

Current Restrictions

What restrictions are in place from June 21st - July 19th?

We've made some notes below, taken from the Government's latest guidance on weddings.

From 21st June

- guest numbers will be determined by how many people (including children) a venue can safely accommodate with social distancing measures in place.

Risk Assessments

- it's a legal requirement for a COVID-19 risk assessment to be completed for the COVID-secure venue at which a wedding, civil partnership ceremony, reception or celebration is being held. This will generally be undertaken by the venue manager or event organiser.

Venue capacity in COVID-secure venues

- as part of the duty on venue managers and organisers to limit health and safety risks, a safe capacity for the venue should be established.
- guidance on meeting family and friends has been updated, with a greater emphasis on personal responsibility. Friends and family therefore may choose not to socially distance based on their understanding of the risks this involves. However, venue managers and organisers should consider how to enable social distancing between attendees, so that those who wish to maintain social distancing are able to.

Necessary precautions when holding an event

There are some steps you should take in order to ensure the safety of your guests and anyone working at your event. These include:

  • completing a risk assessment
  • taking all reasonable steps to limit the risk of transmission
  • following the relevant COVID-secure guidance

You do not need to send your risk assessment to anyone but you should keep it updated in the run up to the event.

As part of this risk assessment, you should ensure your outdoor space is able to accommodate your guests (including children) with 2 metre social distancing (or 1 metre plus with mitigations) so that they may choose to distance if they wish or need to. You must not invite more than can be safely accommodated.

When hosting an event in an outdoor space, you should continue to follow the guidance set out on this page, including providing table service (where alcohol is served), ensuring that attendees consume food and drink whilst seated, and limiting singing and dancing.

Social distancing measures

- from 17th May guidance changed, with a greater emphasis on personal responsibility. Instead of instructing people to stay 2 metres away from anyone they do not live with, people are encouraged to exercise caution and consider the guidance on risks associated with COVID-19 and actions to take to help keep friends and family safe.

Face coverings

- attendees and staff at a wedding ceremony or reception must wear a face covering (except when eating or drinking), unless exempt
- there is no legal requirement to wear a face covering when outdoors at a ceremony or reception. This includes when taking place in a marquee, provided at least 50% of the walled area is open for it to be classed as 'outdoors'.

Singing, music, and entertainment

- indoor and outdoor performances are allowed
- no limit on number of professional performers (indoors or outdoors), but number should be determined by how many the venue can safely accommodate

Other activities

- Dancing is advised against due to the increased risk of transmission, except the couple's 'first dance'. Dancefloors and other spaces for dancing must remain closed but can be repurposed for additional customer seating or other relevant purposes, ensuring this is in line with the social distancing guidelines.

Useful Coronavirus Links

Useful links:

We're here to help however and whenever we can so please do get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss your event. Email: events@tailored-entertainment.com / Phone: 0800 564 2240.

Take good care of yourselves and we very much look forward to delivering you a completely unforgettable entertainment experience when it comes to your big day!

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